YogaRat SportLite Beach Blanket | 76 x 64 Inch


SportLite Beach Blanket from Yoga Rat  
Put a little zen into your beach excursions and picnics with YogaRat's all-new SportLite Beach Blanket! At 76 inches by 64 inches there's plenty of room for the two of you to spread out and get comfy. 

Yoga Rat Beach Blankets are Comfy and Compact
AND super-absorbent AND fast drying! Made of ultra-thin and lightweight 100% microfiber fabric, YogaRat products are impossibly soft to the touch.  It's super compact, so it takes up significantly less space in your beach bag or picnic basket. Pocket Anchors at all four corners can be filled with sand so it stays planted even in windy conditions.

Yoga Rat is Famous for Easy-Care Micro Fibre Products
Sand shakes out easily from microfibre products. Unlike heavy, deep pile terry cloth towels, Yoga Rat Beach Blankets won't carry the sand home with you. And they take up about a third of the space in the washing machine, compared to a similar cotton towel. 

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