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Tahoe-SUP 11'0" YOFIT - Inflatable SUP Yoga + Fitness Board 

The NEW inflatable YOFIT™ was created specifically for practicing Yoga on a standup paddle board. Most paddleboards aren't optimized for SUP Yoga, but the specific shape and features of the YOFIT™ offers a  solution. Innovation abounds on the YOFIT™, featuring fitness attachment’s, anchor plug, TRUtrac™ fin system for paddling straight and the full length yoga deck pad. Find your Center on the new YOFIT™

Travelling with your YOFIT 11'0 iSUP

Everything you need tucks into the convenient, comfortable backpack and goes easily from home, to the trunk of a car. It can also be checked as luggage on your next flight, and it is perfect  for backpacking into that spot you always dreamed of paddling.

How rigid / stable is the Tahoe-SUP YOFIT Inflatable SUP-board?

Until recently only one brand met our requirements for stiffness and stability in an Inflatable SUP Board. The Alpine Explorer is a game-changer. At 20 psi, the Alpine Explorer feels as rigid as the most popular 25 psi brand. In on-the-water tests, we were unable to tell the difference. 

This package includes  board +  custom travel back pack +  Tahoe SUP coil leash. 

  • Perfect for: Travel ready yoga and fitness
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Fin: TRUtrack™ fin system
  • Dimensions: 11' long x 31” wide 
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Capacity: 260 pounds
  • Available colors:  Grey/Purple/Green

 Free shipping for Tahoe-SUP Inflatable SUP boards within most parts of Canada

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