LashMates Mini Bungee Attachment System for SUP


SOLD IN PACKS OF TWO - Low profile Tri-Way LashMate Minis are molded with a 3 way opening allowing for versatile rigging configurations and easy clip on attachment points for your gear.

With peel-and-stick 3M® backing, you can add semi-permanent lash points to your fiberglass or plastic SUP, surfboard, kayak, or canoe. Strong, durable nylon body in high visibility green for added safety. (also available in black)
Lash down PFDs, dry bags, paddles, fishing poles, safety equipment - whatever. 
Works great even on surfaces with feathered or rough texture.
Mounts to SUP or surf boards, boats, motorcycle/ATV tanks, and more!

Choose '4 lashmate mini's plus bungee cord and cord lock' from drop down menu above for $19.99
Choose 'Just bungee cord with cord lock' from drop down menu above for $11.99.

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If you need something more substantial, like a cargo net with 3" by 3" mesh there are a couple more options. Beach Toyz offers a nifty cargo net with hooks to attach to built in deck plugs or surface mounted anchors (like these Lash Mates). 
Shop for SUP Cargo Net with Hooks

And if you dont want semi-permanent surface mounted anchors you can still have a cargo net using these removable super strong suction cups. How strong? Click the link and see!
Shop for SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups

Item: Lashmate Minis, Bungee Cord, Cordlock, Toronto, Canada

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