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Moxie Fixed Length Carbon Shaft SUP Paddle by Accent Paddles

Accent Paddle's Moxie SUP Paddle has a carbon-fiber shaft and polymer blade-face which makes it easy on the water and easy on your wallet. We think this high cadence recreational paddle is one of the best values in SUP paddles today. 

The Moxie incorporates advanced design features with an ultra light carbon twill shaft creating the perfect marriage of materials. The combination of the Octane's high cadence (narrow and elongated) blade and the carbon fiber shaft transfers more of your paddling energy to the water for a more efficient stroke. For the recreational SUP paddler, this means fewer strokes, less fatigue and more time on the water. For the performance paddleboarder, it means more speed and efficiency for each stroke. 

Moxies polymer blade is perfect for 90% of all SUP paddlers. The nylon-fiberglass blend is rigid, but has enough 'give' that it can withstand the rocky shorelines of Ontario cottages. It doesn't 'chip' like the super-rigid and brittle carbon-fiber blades. 

In it's uncut, fixed-length configuration the Moxie is 85.5" long. It's meant to be cut to your exact size requirements. Then just glue in the handle and you have the perfect custom-sized SUP paddle for YOU.  

SUP Paddle Specs:
Length: 85.5" 
Weight:  23 oz (652g)
Blade Face: Approx 93 sq in.

All fixed length paddles require a $35 surcharge for oversized box. Please select this option from the drop down menu and add to cart - ONLY if you require shipping. 

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Item:  Moxie Fixed Length Carbon Shaft SUP Paddle by Accent Paddles

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