SUP Paddle | fixed length | Aluminum shaft

$49.00 $69.00

Our Boost stand up paddle has become a quick favorite with paddlers looking for a great performing paddle manufactured with durable “no worries” materials. The 'Boost' is built with Aircraft grade aluminum for the shaft and a proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade. This type of construction raises the bar for polymer blades, with a new standard for stiffness without sacrificing durability. The Boost has an ergonomically designed T-grip grip which fits any hand and keeps the blade oriented during each stroke.
The Boost is a tough piece of equipment, which makes it a great choice for cottage use or newbie paddlers. It's built to last. 


Fixed length Aluminum Shaft & durable Polymer (fiberglass/nylon) blade
Length: Available in the following fixed lengths ONLY 77" and 81" ,

Weight: 33.8 oz (960g)

Clearance Priced! 

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