SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups


SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups

The SUP Cargo Net system lets you carry all the gear you need for day trips, right on the deck of your paddle board. And you can remove it in seconds!

This expandable Paddle Board Cargo Net is made from rugged 3mm bungee cord. It measures about 15 by 15 inches at rest and stretches to nearly twice that size! It comes with 4 removable, high strength suction cups which attach directly to the surface of your SUP without tools or adhesives. 

You must have a clean, smooth, flat surface for the the suction cups to adhere properly. When properly attached, the 4 high quality PVC suction cups are strong enough to lift your entire paddleboard off the ground.

(Note: always test the suction bond on your paddleboard before relying on the cargo net suction cups. On smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces the suction grip can last for weeks. On porous or rough surfaces it doesn't work at all!)

What if the SUP Cargo Net suction cups don't work on my board?

You still have options. If you already have anchor points built into your paddle board, consider the SUP Cargo net with hooks for $19.99. And if you don't have built in anchors for the hooks, consider the semi-permanent Lashmate Mini's with high strength adhesive backing for anchor points.  $19.99 for 4 pieces (2 sets of 2 lashmates) and comes with 12' of bungee cord and cord-lock.  

(NOTE: SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups ships with 6 plastic-tipped hooks attached. You can use them to adjust net size or remove them without tools.)

Cargo Net
Height: 0.75 in
Width: 15 by 15 inches at rest
Weight: 7.2 oz 

4 Suction Cups
Height: Approx 1.5 in
Length: 3.25 in
Width: 3.25 in
Weight: 0.8 oz each

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 Item: SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups, Toronto, Canada