SUP Cargo Net with Hooks


Secure your gear - SUP Cargo Net with Hooks

The SUP Cargo Net system lets you carry all the gear you need on day trips. 

This expandable Paddle Board Cargo Net is made from rugged 3mm bungee cord. It measures about 15 by 15 inches at rest and stretches to nearly twice that size! It comes with 6 removable hooks to attach directly to your built in deck plugs or surface mounted anchor points. 

TIP: Use the 2 extra hooks in the middle to adjust the size for smaller loads. Or you can just remove them without tools. 

Note: SUP Cargo Net with Hooks has FREE SHIPPING within Canada. 

SUP Cargo Net Options (sold separately)

If you don't already have built in tie-down points on your SUP (like the ones shown on the SUP image on the left) you can add our super strong adhesive-backed Lash Mate Minis to your order. These are semi-permanent multi-directional anchors that you can position anywhere, to attach your cargo net hooks.  Shop for Lash Mate Minis. 

Cargo Net
Height: 0.75 in
Width: 15 by 15 inches at rest
Weight: 7.2 oz EA

SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups
If you don't have built-in anchor points and don't want (semi-) permanent anchors on your deck, consider using the SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups. You must have a clean, smooth, flat surface for the the suction cups to adhere properly. When properly attached, the 4 high quality silicone suction cups are strong enough to lift your entire paddleboard off the ground.
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Bungee Cord with Cord Lock
By far the easiest and cheapest solution for deck rigging on your SUP is the Bungee Cord with Cord lock. It's just 12' of 1/8 inch black bungee cord with a high strength cord lock to keep the ends together.
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