SUP Board Bag | Paddleboard Travel Storage Bag


SUP Storage Bag / Travel Bag

Protect your beautiful new SUP board with an Akona SUP bag. Akona is well known for making gear bags for the diving world and they bring years of experience to making durable board bags. 

- Heat and water resistant tarpaulin material
- 1/4" foam padding
- Heavy duty zipper
- Velcro fin slot
- Padded shoulder strap
- Wax/Fin Pocket

SUP Board Bags Extend the life of your Paddleboard

SUP manufacturers recommend that you store your Paddleboards out of the sun whenever possible since strong summer UV rays can age fiberglass and epoxy prematurely. A good board-bag will protect against UV.

It's also a good idea to bag your board before putting it on the roof racks. The bag will protect the finish from chafe and scratches and possible dings from flying stone chips.