Ride 10'8" Inflatable SUP by Red Paddle Co


2015 Model of 10'8" Ride is sold out.

Perfect for bigger riders or the family paddler who wants to carry passengers. Super-stable, the 10’8” Ride is an easy ride.

The 10’8” Ride is 120mm thick.This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance of these iconic boards.The 120mm thickness means that the rider can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure.The 120mm board is more than 40% stiffer than a standard 100mm board at the same pressure.

The combination of overall width plus the wide tail creates an unbelievably stable platform making the 10’8” Ride a fantastic all-rounder.



Whats included:
NEW Titan High Volume - High Pressure handpump with pressure gauge
Rollerwheel convertible backpack
Waterproof phone case
Repair kit

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