Race 12'6" Inflatable SUP by Red Paddle Co


Inflatable SUPs are now winning races! Much to the dismay of fiberglass board-makers everywhere. The 12'6" Race is one of those 'winning' inflatable SUP-boards. The performance will amaze you. At only 28" width, it's built for speed. The single nose fin helps tracking while the centre fin at the rear gives the right amount of grip without adding drag. The flatter rocker line is designed to give long, fast glide.

This board allows everyone to experience the speed of longer boards without needing the space to store one. Our racers tell us that's a great idea.

The Race comes fitted with our RSS system adding even more stiffness to this already stiff shape.


Whats included:

NEW Titan handpump with pressure gauge
Rollerwheel convertible backpack
Waterproof phone case
Repair kit

Free shipping within most parts of Canada*