Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

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For paddlers who don’t really want to wear a PFD – the Mustang inflatable is perfect! Great for paddle boarders, the Mustang is so sleek and lightweight, you won't even know you're wearing it - until you need it. Just pull the inflation cord and a C02 cartridge fires, inflating the belt pack into a high buoyancy PFD (35 lbs buoyancy).  PFD's are required by law in Ontario. Marine police are handing out hefty fines (more than the cost of a PFD) for anyone not following the law.  

         Mustang Inflatable Beltpack Model Number: MD3071

High visibility cartridge inspection window -  green means its good to go.
35lbs buoyancy - nearly twice the buoyancy of most foam PFDs
As a back-up option you can blow it up yourself,using the inflator tube
The belt pack is legal for those 16 and older, weighing 36.3kg (80lbs.) or more, with a maximum 52in chest.
Unlike conventional PFDS, the Inflatable PFDs must be worn on your person to be legal (no stowing them in your boat or on your board).
If you'r paddling by yourself we recommend a tradtional-flotation PFD instead. Not legal for whitewater paddling in Canada.

If you want to buy a spare C02 inflater cartridge it's called Re-Arm Kit:MA7203

Item: Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack PFD - Size: Adult - Weight over 80 lbs
Available in our Beach Toyz store in Toronto, Canada.