Floater Mat One Week Rental


Floater Mat / Aqua Lily Pad - One Week Rental

The Senior Floater Mat One Week Rental is perfect for families who rent a cottage. The mat is 6 feet wide x 15 feet long x 1.5 inches thick and weighs less than 30 lbs. When rolled up, the Mat is less than 2 feet in diameter which makes it pretty easy to carry or store. Once it's rolled out on the water it floats with distributed weight of approx. 1300 pounds.

All Floating Water Mats have high visibility yellow surfaces, which makes it a little easier to keep an eye on the kids. 

The 15' Runway Floater Mat is made of specially engineered high buoyancy foam that will not absorb water – the preferred foam for marine applications. And it's made in Canada.

Includes tether attachment

The Floater Mat One Week Rental allows pickup as early as Thursday afternoon and return as late as Monday evening, provided there isn't another reservation waiting.  

* Due to size and weight restrictions, shipping is NOT available for this item. Please pickup at Beach Toyz, Toronto, Canada store. Deposit required. 

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