The Dock Floater by Floater Mat


The Dock Floater 


The Dock Floater Mat is the largest & most buoyant mat in the lineup. At 6' by 20' by 2.5" , it can float a distributed weight of 2500 Lbs! Many cottagers are replacing their cumbersome, high-maintenance floating raft with the Dock Floater because it's so much easier to manage year round. 

All Floater Mats have high visibility yellow and blue surfaces, which makes it a little easier to keep an eye on the kids.

The Floater Mat is made of specially engineered high buoyancy foam that will not absorb water – the preferred foam for marine applications. And it's made in Canada.

Includes tether attachment

About 30" diameter roll when coming from the factory.

Floater Mat Owners Manual:

** Due to size and weight restrictions, shipping is unavailable for this item. Pickup is available in Toronto.