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Beach Toyz Carries Life Jackets for Dogs

The Level Six Rover Floater is designed to be a flotation aid for your best friend while on the water. It will allow you both to enjoy water activities longer. The Rover has thoughtful details, like a secure non-restrictive fit, a convenient handle and adjustable straps.Together, you and your dog can safely explore rivers and lakes.

  • 3 adjustable buckles keep it surely on without being restrictive.
  • Handle lets you grab and pull out a dog that's jumped overboard or found trouble in rough water.
  • Leash attachment for tethering.
  • Reflective piping for night visibility.

Safety Disclaimer:
The Level Six Rover Floater is not meant as a life saving device for your dog. It is meant to be used as a flotation aid and to be treated as such. Always use common sense when around rivers and lakes and never put yourself in danger in case of a rescue situation.

Dogs Life Jackets by Size and Weight 

Rover Floater Size Girth (Widest Part of Dog) Weight
X-Small 38-50 cm / 15-20 inches 4.5-7.5 kg / 10-17 lbs
Small 48-63 cm / 19-25 inches 6.1-11 kg / 15-25 lbs
Medium 60-76 cm / 24-30 inches 9.5-22 kg / 22-50 lbs
Large 73-89 cm / 29-35 inches 20-31 kg / 45-70 lbs


Item: Dog Life Jacket | Life Jacket for Dogs

Available only in our Beach Toyz store in Toronto, Canada.