Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat | Extra-thick 15 x 6 BULLFROG LilyPad


BULLFROG Aqua Lily Pad 15' by 6' - Extra thick for added buoyancy 


For even bigger fun, there’s the 3 layer Bullfrog model, 6’ x 15’, 1-3/4″ thick. This pad was originally designed for corporate events, and commercial uses like water parks and waterfront resorts but we see these are also popular for large families, ideal for use off a beach or dock.

Dimensions: 15’ x 6’ x 1 3/4”  (73" by 22" when rolled up)
Weight: 38 lbs
Buoyancy: Holds up to 1500 lbs of distributed weight
Includes Tether Kit and Storage Straps

  • 3 - Layer pad
  • UV Stabilization Package
  • Designed for durability and commercial applications 
  • Great option for lake homes and rentals
  • Best used near land to assist with rolling the pad

Aqua Lily Pads come in various sizes and configurations:

The traditional, 2 Layer Foam with FlexCore Technology is available in two sizes; 6’ x 15’ and 6’ x 18’ with a pad thickness of 1-3/8” weighing approx. 27 lbs. and 32 lbs. respectively. They can support up to 1200 lbs. and 1,400 lbs. of distributed weight. See other sizes below. 

How Aqua Lily Pads Work

Aqua Lily Pads are made of a marine grade “Cross Linked” foam material – designed for marine applications (such as offshore buoys). Crossed Linked materials contain an extra carbon bond between polymer chains which minimizes water absorption and makes the Aqua Lily Pads stronger and last longer. And they are virtually maintenance free!

What makes the Aqua Lily Pad Different / Better

FlexCore Technology Advantage: 
(Flexcore is the 'web/membrane' sandwiched between the 2 layers of foam)
* Adds strength and puncture resistance to Pads.
* Lightest weight reinforcing structure available.
* Pads remain flexible and easy to roll up (one of the biggest features of the ALP’s).
* Structure has no roll-memory – Pads lay flatter quicker when unrolled.
* Provides pads with “rip stop” feature (similar to rip stop nylon fabrics in tents).

Tether System Advantage:
* Proprietary Tether Snap (grommet) System is fully installed when purchased)
* One Time Snap is easily installed when additional tethers are purchased as an accessory.
* Made with Plastic engineered material with no sharp edges to catch toes & won't heat up in sun like
  metal “D” rings.
* Heavy Duty Nylon Spring Clip for tethering will never corrode.

UV Stabilization & Graphics Advantage:
* All Aqua Lily Pads come with UV protecting graphic film on the pads.
* Graphic’s film is the first line of defense against the degradation effects of the sun.
* Protects product from pool chemicals (chlorine/bromine etc) and salt water

Aqua Lily Pad Product Warranty
Aqua Lily Pad Products are covered by a one year limited warranty. 

    Other Aqua Lily Pad Products

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     Item: Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat | Extra-thick 20 x 6 BULLFROG LilyPad

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