Akona SUP Paddleboard | Model: Softy 11'0"


The Akona 'Softy' 11'0"

Akona stand-up paddle boards’ are known for their high quality EPS foam and epoxy-fiberglass construction, but they also make a softer, more affordable recreational board. The Akona Softy 11' is perfect for both kids and adults, the cottage and the pocketbook. While this is still very much a 'real' Stand Up Paddleboard, it's not the high gloss designer finish that Akona usually puts out.

Instead, picture a comfy, long-lasting, low maintenance board that's very forgiving. It's high-volume construction makes it very stable, and capable of carrying a heavier paddler. It's soft-top EVA construction makes it perfect for beginners who might fall or Yoga students who want a soft platform for their pose. 

Finally, it can withstand many summers of being banged up on the shore by very excited, very happy kids (and their parents!) . 

Akona stand-up paddle boards come complete with a self-breathing Gor-tex valve and offset handle to help you pick up and carry the stand-up paddle board. The standard single fin provides tracking and keeps things simple for getting out on the water quickly. 

Akona 'SOFTY' Specs:
Board Length 11'0"

Board Width: 31 inches
Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
Max Rider Weight   220 lbs
Board Weight: 29 lbs.
Construction: Fiberglass- EVA 
Deck Pad: Full coverage EVA deck pad for solid traction and comfort
Fin: 1 center 

Use the Menu option under 'Title' to look at our Akona SUP Packages which include Board,aluminum Paddle and Leash at 'package pricing'.

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Higher price option includes SUP Board, Adjustable Paddle, Leash.

Item: AKONA SUP Paddleboard - Model: Softy - 11'0" 

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