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Red Paddle Co 17'0" XL Ride Inflatable SUP Board - for groups!

Who's it for? Groups of any kind! Now everyone can have a go – at the same time. At 17’ long and 60” wide, the Ride XL is designed to carry not one, but a group of up to 8 riders (and the dog, too). It’s fun, sociable and great exercise, and we’re already seeing people racing it.

How does the XL Ride work? Technically, the XL Ride is an extension of its sister Ride boards. It has a wide deck and tail so it’s nice and stable, even when you have eight people on it. And it has four valves so four people can inflate it at the same time, and multiple grab handles so the group can carry it together.

Less pumping. More paddling.

Due to the sheer size of the XL Ride it takes a lot of air to pump it up and to do this on your own would be an almost mammoth task. So to make life easier we added three more valves so four of you can pump at once. That means you can reach the desired pressure in under 5 mins.

The XL Ride - Custom Cut for performance

The XL Ride is 200mm thick. This thickness is exclusive to Red Paddle Co and is the perfect combination of stiffness and control for a board of this size, making it the stiffest, best performing multipurpose SUP on the market.

In-FIN-itely better. Exclusive fin system for the XL Ride

We have tested every system currently available and even developed fin systems of our own to find the best solution. Nothing comes close to our tried and tested iFin system on our all-round boards. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system. On the Ride XL we have a quad fin setup to keep the board tracking straight. More fun, less zig-zagging. 

New for 2016 - 17'0 RIDE XL uses MSL fusion composite and airtight coating 
MSL (monocoque structural laminate) involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves weight and makes the boards stiffer - even at lower pressures.

17'0" RIDE XL Specifications:

Length 17'0"
Width 60"/1524mm
Thickness 8.0"/200mm
Volume TBC
Rider Weight

up to 8 paddlers

Whats included:

Red Paddle Co Backpack
4 Ezee Pumps with built in pressure gauge
Repair Kit

Free shipping for Red Paddle Inflatable SUP boards within most parts of Canada

Item: Red Paddle Co Canada - 17'0" RIDE XL Inflatable SUP Board - for groups - 2016

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