INFLATABLE PADDLEBOARD sales and rentals, Floater Mats, Beach Volleyball

No one cherishes summer more than a Canadian. After all, you only get 8 weeks. And if you're like most of us, you'll probably want to spend some of that time at the beach or cottage with some fun toys. We can help with that.  

You won't have to drive around to find the best products (check our catalogue, we've got 'em) or the best prices (we price match). And with few exceptions, we can ship to your doorstep. You can take delivery before the May 2 - 4 weekend - or wait till the dog days of August. If you give us some notice, we'll make sure you get it in time. That includes Christmas shopping as well. 

What's going to be a hit at the Beach this year? INFLATABLE Stand Up Paddleboards for sure. And Floater Mats. Of course Beach Volleyball is big now too. 

Of course if you like to shop in person, we'll be open again this summer in the Toronto Beaches. Just Google us for the new address any time after April first.