About Us

How it began

For some reason I've always been drawn to a life on or around the water. So I've tried all kinds of water sports at one time or another. And while I've never won any awards for my performance - I'm pretty sure I own the gold medal for 'having the most fun on the water' !

I love to share my passion for water sports. When I discovered Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) in 2010 it just seemed natural to get certified as a Paddle Canada instructor and teach others. For the next few years I spent as much time as possible teaching beginners & paddling lakes, rivers and oceans with my friends. I also learned a lot about paddleboarding equipment (I'm a bit of a 'gear-head'), what worked, what didn't, and how to source the best prices globally. 

And that's how - in spring 2014 - Beach Toyz was created. Originally just a place to buy Stand Up Paddle Board gear, we've grown to accommodate the needs and wants of our outdoor-loving customers. We've become home base for everything to do with grown-up toys for the beach or cottage.

Now you can get almost everything we carry from our online store

You'll save time You won't have to drive around to find the best beach and cottage products. We've got 'em. We ship 'em.  And when I say 'best' I mean it. I've personally used about 90% of the products we sell and I can tell you that they work - VERY WELL.

You'll get great prices Our products are usually priced lower than big box stores already- we price match when they're not. (yes, there are some exclusions in the fine print - but only to protect us from predatory practices) In most provinces we can ship our inflatable SUPs to your door FOR FREE!  You can take delivery before the May 2 - 4 weekend - or wait till the dog days of August. If you give us some notice, we'll make sure you get it in time. That includes Christmas shopping as well.

We're responsive If there's a quality product that you think we should carry just tell us. We'll contact the supplier within 24 hours to find out what it takes to get it to you NOW. Even if we decide not to carry it in our store. 

What's hot this summer

What's going to be a hit at the Beach this year? Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUP) for sure. And Floater Mats. Of course Beach Volleyball is big now too. And check out the new Fat-tire Sand bikes if you like to cruise the beach in style. 

If there's anything you think we should carry, drop us a line.... 

Contact us:

John Helfrich 416-464-8920