SUP Paddle | Adj length | Full Carbon | PRO Bolt Blemish
SUP Paddle | Adj length | Full Carbon | PRO Bolt Blemish
SUP Paddle | Adj length | Full Carbon | PRO Bolt Blemish

SUP Paddle | Adj length | Full Carbon | PRO Bolt Blemish

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PRO - Bolt 'Blemish' Full Carbon Adjustable Length SUP Paddle 

(sorry, this paddle is not available for shipping)

First of all, what exactly is a 'Blemish' Paddle anyway?  It's the typical factory-built SUP paddle with some small defect or 'blemish' that causes it to be imperfect. Sometimes called a 'factory second' the imperfection doesn't make the product unusable, but the flaw means that it's no longer 'perfect'. Rather than re-machining each flawed SUP paddle to correct the error, Accent decided to seriously discount them and sell them 'as is'. You may never notice the flaw - but because they did - these paddles are heavily discounted. 

FULL REFUND on all 'Blemish' products if you're dissatisfied for ANY reason! 
We're so certain that you'll love this product - just the way it is - that we're offering a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you're dissatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever. 

Accent Paddle's Pro Bolt SUP Paddle Series features high performance compression molded construction to deliver an effortless paddle stroke. This performance SUP paddle is set up with a carbon compression molded blade and an ultra light carbon twill shaft. It is an ideal paddle for racing, wavesurfing, and medium to large SUP Paddlers. 

The Pro Bolt SUP Paddle incorporates advanced design features with an extremely light weight shaft and blade. This combination of the Bolt's high cadence carbon fiber blade and the carbon fiber shaft transfers more of your paddling energy to the water for a more efficient stroke. For the performance paddler, it means more speed and efficiency for each stroke. Get on your board and bolt!


Length –  Micro Lever-Lock Ajustable 84 to 90" (or cut it yourself to fit between 66-90 in)
Weight – 25 oz (709g) – Leverlock adjustable paddle
Surface area of Blade – Approx 95 sq in, 632 sq cm
Blade Length X Width – Approx 7.1 X 16.75″ 

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Item: Pro-Bolt (Blemish) Full Carbon SUP Performance Paddle by Accent Paddles

Note: the Pro- Bolt (Blemish) SUP Paddle is not available for shipping. Please visit Beach Toyz in our Toronto, Canada, location. 

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