Drysuits by Ocean Rodeo

Drysuits, as the name implies, keep you dry when you are on, or in, the water. They are made of waterproof, breathable materials, (think high-quality Gore Tex) and feature latex gaskets on the ankles, wrists and neck to keep the water out. If you've never used one before it may be hard to believe, but jump in. You'll come out of the water 100% bone - dry. Unlike a wetsuit, when you get back to your car, you won't be trying to peel off a sausage skin while freezing and wet. For that reason alone, I prefer a drysuit. 

They keep you warm but not the way a winter coat does. Instead, you layer up inside the suit depending on weather and water conditions. That's why drysuits need to be somewhat loose- fitting. As a result you have far more freedom of movement. That said, some drysuits seem to have unnecessary extra fabric and zipper paraphernalia which can get in the way or restrict  movement. We prefer Ocean Rodeo drysuits because they're comfortable without being bulky.