Electric Pump Adaptor for Inflatable SUP by Red Paddle


Inflator Adaptor connects your inflatable SUP to an electric pump or Schrader bicycle pump

The Red Paddle Co iSUP electric pump adaptor uses a standard Schrader valve fitting to couple with an air compressor or bike/tire pump.

Insert the Inflator Adaptor into the air valve of your board. Connect a standard electric pump, bike pump or compressor and inflate to the recommended pressure.  

While this Electric Pump adaptor for iSUPs will work with a number of paddle boards, it is intended for the Red Paddle Co, line. There's no guarantee that it will perfectly fit any other manufacturers product. (MAY fit C4 Waterman, Airis, AquaGlide and Advanced Elements - without guarantee.) 

If you're using the smaller electric compressors/tire pumps, it can take a long time to inflate a high volume paddleboard so we recommend that you inflate the board by hand until it becomes difficult to pump, and then use the adaptor to top off the pressure.

Item: Red Paddle Co Electric Pump Adaptor

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