Bungee Cord with Cord Lock | Deck Rigging for SUP


Bungee Cord with Cord Lock is the easiest & cheapest SUP Deck Rigging

12 feet of 1/8 inch black bungee cord and cord lock works great for SUP boards that have tie down points or deck anchors for hooks or lanyards.  The bungee cord is thin enough to fit just about every SUP deck anchor on the market today - and still strong enough to hold down all the gear you'd take with you on a day paddle. 

The cord lock is made from high-strength Acetal and will last for years. 

If you need something with tighter coverage than our bungee deck rigging kit, consider the SUP Cargo Net with Hooks . It has denser 3" by 3" mesh squares, so it will hold smaller items with more tension than just the bungee cord with cord lock.

If you want a deck cargo net but don't have tie-down anchors embedded in the deck of your SUP you can get the SUP Cargo Net with Suction Cups. Instead of using hooks to attach to the deck anchors the super-strong suction cups will attach directly to the deck. Easily remove them when you're done.

For a semi-permanent deck anchor solution, use Lashmates Mini Bungee Attachment System for SUP with adhesive backing. Peel and stick. Wait 24 hours and they're on for good - until you remove them. Then just run the bungee cord through the lashmates, attach the cord-lock and you're good to go. 

The Bungee Cord with Cord Lock Deck Rigging Kit is available online with shipping in Canada for $3.00 or at our Beach Toyz store in Toronto, Canada.

 Item: Bungee Cord with Cord Lock | Deck Rigging Kit for SUP , Toronto, Canada

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