Why High Quality Inflatable Paddleboards are taking over the SUP market

Top 3 reasons consumers are choosing high-quality Inflatable Paddleboards


New paddleboarders often buy a board to suit their home environment without giving much thought to transporting the board. An average fiberglass board weighs about 30 lbs, so there's a limit to how far you can carry it. Even if you have a car, you still need the size and strength to load it on top - and that's where much of the damage to fiberglass SUP's occurs. 

High quality laminated (not glued) inflatable SUP boards average closer to 25 lbs and roll up into travel bags that usually have wheels and/or waist and shoulder straps like backpacks. You can walk, ride a bike or take public transit with your inflatable SUP.  For longer trips, the Red Paddle Co brand travel bag fits most airlines requirements for 'standard luggage'.  


More of us live in smaller living spaces than previous generations. We don't have room for a 10 or 12' fiberglass paddleboard. And even if it fit in our apartments, how would we get it up the stairs or into the elevator?

Inflatable Paddleboards roll up into a bag that fits easily into a closet. If you're going to the cottage for a weekend, you might fit 4 of them into the trunk of your car. And still have room for food and beverages.


Nearly indesctructible! If there's one common misperception about inflatables it must be that inflatables are weaker than fiberglass boards. It's quite the opposite actually. 

High quality, high-pressure inflatable paddleboards, like Red Paddle Co brand have completely changed the paddleboarding world. They are nearly as rigid as fiberglass and can withstand tremendous impact -like striking rocks or falling off your moving car! 

Of course there are still 15psi cheap-o 'big box brands' that are built like mushy air mattresses. But if you do your research, you'll find the highest pressure paddleboards give you performance and unmatched durability. 

Check out this video to see just how tough Red Paddle Co boards are built.

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