PADDLEBOARD RENT TO OWN Program with FREE SHIPPING* in Canada Posted on 20 Nov 13:31 , 0 comments

Summer-long Paddleboard Rental offers 100% Rebate towards Paddleboard Purchase - with FREE Delivery*

Beach Toyz Paddleboard Rent-to-Own program. On 'summer-long' paddleboard rentals, you can just return it, or choose to buy out the brand new Rental Paddleboard you rented and apply 100% of the rental fees towards the purchase price. Or choose an entirely different paddleboard and apply 75% of the rental fees towards the purchase. (For month-long paddleboard rental programs you can apply 50% of the rental costs towards your paddleboard purchase.)   

Which Paddleboards Qualify for the paddleboard rent to own program?   
After renting hundreds of paddleboards for the past few years, it's obvious that INFLATABLE PADDLEBOARDS are the way to go. They're lighter, easier to store and transport. Good quality inflatable paddleboards are super rigid & perform like fiberglass boards - but they're far tougher!. The best-built inflatable paddleboards are made by a company called RED PADDLE CO.  Check out just HOW TOUGH in this demo video. 

Here are the Inflatable Paddleboards in our Rent-to-Own Paddleboard Program

Ride 10'6 by 32" view inflatable paddleboard specs and purchase price
Ride 10'8 by 34" view inflatable paddleboard specs and purchase price
Sport 11'0" by 30" view inflatable paddleboard specs and purchase price
Sport 11'3" by 32" view inflatable paddleboard specs and purchase price
Voyager 12'6" by 32" view inflatable paddleboard specs and purchase price

Free Paddleboard Delivery in Most of Canada for Summer Long Rentals  
We'll deliver your summer-long paddleboard rental for free in most areas serviced by Canada Post parcel delivery. If there is a surcharge for delivery, you can pay it, or cancel your order and we'll refund 100% of your payment immediately. (you are responsible for return shipping costs if you decide to return it)  

Full Warranty on Rent-to-Own Paddleboard Program   
Most manufacturers (they are the ones who provide the warranty, not the retailer) won't provide a warranty on used, demo or rental paddleboards. But in this rent-to-own scenario, you start with a brand new paddleboard and then buy it out. As the 'original owner' you qualify for a full warranty. On Red Paddle Co paddleboards (once you've registered online) you'll get a full 2 years warranty from the delivery date of your Summer-long rental.  

Canada Wide Rent-to-Own Paddleboard Program is completely RISK-FREE    
You can rent a high quality inflatable paddleboard package for the entire summer. Have it delivered for FREE! Buy it out for the regular retail price at the end of the summer with a full warranty - or simply return it within the time allowed in good condition and walk away. (you are responsible for return shipping)  

Shorter Inflatable Paddleboard Rentals are Available   
If you only need to rent a paddleboard for a week, month or for occasional use, Beach Toyz has a variety of paddleboard rental options. Check out our prices and programs for shorter-period inflatable paddleboard rentals.