Toronto SUP Network - How to find Stand Up Paddle-buddies

How the Toronto SUP Network began

I talk to alot of Stand Up Paddleboarders at my Beach Toyz store. One topic that keeps coming up is the problem of stand up paddle-boarding alone. In fact, last week no less than 5 people asked me if there's a way to connect with other SUP paddlers in the area so that they don't have the risk - or just isolation, of SUP paddling by themselves.
So I created a FB Group called Toronto SUP Network. It's a peer based group to connect SUP-ers of all ages and skill levels in the GTA. Find a 'paddle-buddy' with the same skills or schedule. Or find new and interesting places to paddle. Get tips on improving technique from the pro's (coming soon). Sell or swap SUP gear. It's an 'open' group for now. Just go to Toronto SUP Network: and join. 

Women in the Toronto SUP Network

I'm all for mixing and mingling but there are times when you just want to hang out with the girls. Here's a way to increase your SUP social network so that you have a larger pool of women to paddle with. You don't have to be 'besties' to make this work. Just a common interest and the same free time. Some women like to have company for that occasional weekday sunrise paddle. Others want to put together a bigger group for a weekly sunset paddle and have a social aspect as well. It's whatever you make it. 

Toronto SUP Network is FREE

There's no commitment and no charge to join. This FB group is just here to fill a need that a lot of people (including myself occasionally) have. You may want to find a casual paddle buddy or a training partner. I may be looking for a guide to help me paddle the Grand Canyon. Either way it's good to have a common place to connect with people. Spread the word. Share it on your FB page. Expand your paddleboarding network!

SUP Network for Visitors to Toronto

From time to time travellers (paddleboarders) will pop into my shop to ask if there's someone that can 'show them the ropes' around our area. Till now, I've had to refer them to one of the SUP schools to show them where it's safe to paddle and when. The Toronto SUP Network could be a clearing house for information for these travellers. Imagine if this existed in every city. It would make travelling with your SUP alot more interesting, safe, and fun. 

Just fyi, here's a link to my blog post about best places to SUP in Toronto

And if you need SUP equipment, you can find it at Beach Toyz. 

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