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The Aqua Lily Pad, 'Runway' Floating Water Mat & The Floater Mat

(Updated April 16, 2017) Floating Water Mats, sometimes called Water Mats or Lily Pads, have been the most sought-after Beach, Cottage and Pool toy for a few years now. You can use them to lounge, as an exercise or play surface for the kids, or as a floating dock. They're great because unlike inflatables, they can't sink, even if they're punctured. While there are some differences between brands, each of these products work on the same principle. They use a marine grade polyethylene 'closed-cell' foam that is durable, has high buoyancy, and won't absorb water. 

Aqua Lily Pad

The Aqua Lily Pad line offers the greatest variety of floating water mat models in Canada.  Like the products above, it is made from a closed cell cross linked foam material that's heat fused in layers. They offer a one year manufacturers warranty. 

The standard thickness (1 3/8") models have two layers of foam with a Flexcore 'web/membrane' sandwiched between the 2 layers of foam. According to the manufacturer, this adds strength and puncture resistance to their pads. 

They state that this is the lightest weight reinforcing structure available and that the pads remain flexible and easy to roll up. They also claim the structure has no roll-memory, so the Aqua Lily Pads lay flatter quicker when unrolled.

I haven't tested this myself, so I can't comment on the strength of the Aqua Lily Pads' Flexcore membrane vs the 3rd layer of higher density foam on 'Runway' and 'Floater Mat' but they state that it provides their water mats with a “rip stop” feature (similar to rip stop nylon fabrics in tents).

I've received updated info from the Canadian Distributor on pricing and product lineup.

Aqua Lily Pad 15’ x 6’ x 1 3/8” 25 LBS
Bullfrog Lily Pad 15’ x 6’ x 1 3/4” (3-Layers) 38 LBS
Aqua Lily Pad 18’ x 6’ x 1 3/8” 30 LBS  
Bullfrog Lily Pad 20’ x 6’ x 1 3/4” (3-Layers) 46 LBS
Big Kahuna Floating Mat 20' x 6’ x 1 3/4” (3-Layers) 46 LBS
Maui Mat 18’ x 6’ x 1 3/8” 30 LBS 
Aqua Lily Pad Single Tadpole 24" x 75" (64" w Pillow) 
Aqua Lily Pad Double Tadpole 36" x 108" (85" w Pillow) 
Maui Mat 24" x 75" (64" w Pillow) Single Sea Turtle 
Maui Mat Double Sea Turtle 36" x 108" (85" w Pillow) 
Aqua Lily Giant Kick Board - Body Board - Boogie Board 1-3/8" x 20" x 36" 
Maui Mat Giant Kick Board 1-3/8" x 20" x 36" 

The Floater Mat

Floater Mat has been around for several years and recently changed ownership. It's a well made 3-layer product like Runway and Aqua Lily Pad and is available in the following sizes:
Junior - 3' by 7.5' by 1.5" 
Senior - 6' by 15' by 1.5"
Granddaddy - 6' by 20' by 
Dock Floater - 6' by 20' by 2.5" thick 
NOTE: new size for 2017
Double Wide Junior Floater – 6’ x 7.5’ x 1.5”

'Runway' Floating Water Mat from 'Dockstart'

The Runway Water mat from Dockstart is a Canadian made product with 3 layers of closed cell foam for buoyancy and durability. Usually, the Runway is only available in two sizes: 
the 6' by 15' model  +/- (1200 lbs of distributed weight)
and a 6' by 18' model  +/- (1500 lbs of distributed weight)
but Beach Toyz in Toronto has a limited supply of the
'personal sized' 3' by 7.5' floating mats for around $108 (300 lbs) and also
the XL sized 6'by 20' Runway Floating Water Mat for $639 (approx 1800 lbs distributed weight)
Comes with grommet & tether rope. 

You can also RENT the 'RUNWAY' or 'FLOATER MAT' brands of floating water mat at Beach Toyz:
Large Floating Mat (6' by 15') Weekend Rental $79 +/-  
Large Floating Mat (6' by 15') 7 Day Rental $99 +/-  

You can check prices or Rent or Buy  most of the products show above from Beach Toyz, Toronto, Canada

You can order LARGER custom sizes -  of  'FLOATER MAT'. 
-just call and ask us for a quote!

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