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Renting a bike in Toronto - Answers to FAQ's

Where are the best places to get a Toronto Bike Rental?

-updated May 15, 2016 

Beach Toyz - Toronto Beaches - Bike Rentals are $24.50 per day / $75 per week - includes helmet, lock extra. Online reservations for bike rentals in Toronto. Comfy, new, affordable, hybrid bikes. They rent other fun stuff too: Electric-skateboards, Standup Paddleboards, trainer kites, Floater Mats, Beach Umbrellas, Beach Volleyball Systems, etc.

Sure they rent 'regular' bikes here, but it may be more fun to try a tandem bike or one of their four-wheeled 'quadricycle' buggies. Prices from $8 to $30 per hour. 

Describe their bikes as 'comfortable and fun single-speed beach cruisers'. $25 per day or $100 per week. Price include lights, a lock, and a basket.

SWEET PETE'S BIKE SHOP - from $$20/Hour - $45/Day - $250/Week - for hybrid style bikes
Bloordale - 1204 Bloor St
Annex - 517 Bloor St.
Toronto Don Valley Brickworks -online reservations

Same day (return by closing hour): $30.  For 24 hours: $40. A Weekend (3 days): $75.
Extra day: $20 - Week: $150
Delivery available for $30 and up.

CURBSIDE CYCLE - 413 Bloor St. W. 
'Simcoe' Holland style bikes fitted with a bell and set of lights, Abus lock and helmet for a flat $50 for first day-$25 for each additional day after that. No reservations.  

WHEEL EXCITEMENT INC. - 249 Queens Quay W. 
$15 per hour / $35 per day. Helmets free, locks extra. Hybrid & Mountain bikes. No reservations.

THE CYCLEPATH (Danforth location) - 1520 Danforth Ave. 
$40 - $75 / day and $175 to $350 / week--hybrid & mountain bikes. Lock and helmet extra. Call for reservation. 

MIKE THE BIKE - 306 Adelaide St. W.  
$20 / day - $60 / week. Very basic bikes just for puttering around the city. Not recommended for distance. Locks $1 / day.

Where are the best places to ride your Toronto Bike Rental
The following Toronto Cycling Map has been produced by the City of Toronto. It's a great resource for cyclists and shows the 563-kilometre (350 mile) Bikeways Network. A hard copy of this map is available at most bike rental shops.


Can I use my rental bike on the Toronto Transit System (TTC)
The TTC allows most bicycles to be carried on most public transit vehicles, most of the time. You cannot take your bike on a TTC vehicle during peak rider periods or any time the vehicle is full of passengers. Most buses have bike racks on the front. Here's what you need to know about bringing your rental bike on the TTC. 

How do I travel outside Toronto with a bike rental
When it comes to exploring Ontario, your bike will take you through some of the most scenic spots in the province. 'Ontario by Bike' has great info on trails and routes all throughout the province and bike friendly shops and accommodation. Find out how to travel with your bike by rail or bus. 

Is the Bike-Share-Toronto program the same as a regular Toronto-bike-rental program 
NO. The terms Bike Share Toronto and Bike Rental Toronto are similar but the concepts are really quite different. The Toronto bike share program works best with short duration, repetitive trips. Get a bike, ride it to a point near your destination and return it to their rack. Later on, pick it up to ride it home - and return it to their rack. If you know where you're going and where the racks are, it works. But - if you want to ride down by the waterfront for an afternoon & keep it for a continuous 6 hour window, it's going to cost you $74.00!!!.  The confusion surrounding the billing schedule has resulted in ongoing complaints. I'm going to try to clear this up.  

First you buy a mebership online, for $7.00
Then the first 0–30 minutes of each trip is INCLUDED - no charge for any number of trips - but you MUST return the bike to a bike share location to stop the clock!
-if you run overtime, then for 31 to 60 minutes total time, it costs an additional $1.50 (totals $8.50 for 31 to 60 minutes)
-if you are beyond one hour, then for a total time of 61 to 90 minutes, it costs an additional $4.00 (totals $11.00 for 61 to 90 minutes)
Every additional half hour beyond the total time of 90 minutes costs an additional $7 (or $18.00 for 2 hours, $25.00 for 2 1/2 hours, $32.00 for 3 hours and so on)

Remember, you must return the bike to a bike share kiosk to stop the clock. But there's another catch. If you arrive to return a bicycle at a kiosk with no open docking points, the clock is still running. You CAN request a time credit to avoid additional usage fees. Select the "Station Full" button on the kiosk touchscreen to request an additional 15 minutes of free time be added to your trip. This should allow you time to ride to a nearby station where you hope you'll find an open dock. (but that sort of defeats the idea of convenient bike rental, doesn't it? )

 *in this article all prices are 'taxes extra' unless otherwise noted

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