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Titan Pump - Half the effort - Half the time

What's all the fuss about the Titan Pump from Red Paddle Co? Generally speaking, It's hard to get people excited about an inflatable paddleboard pump. But if you paddle an inflatable Standup Paddleboard, this is GREAT news!

In real time, it only takes about 10 minutes to pump up your average inflatable paddleboard with a standard pump. But if the sun is shining and you only have an hour or so to paddle, it can feel like an eternity. And despite the fact that 'pumping up' can be a good warm-up exercise, (it will certainly get your heart rate up) many paddlers are past their comfort zone by the time they reach the pressure needed for best performance.

Red Paddle Co solved that problem by creating, as Christopher Parker from SUP Racer Mag puts it "a dual-chamber, badass-looking invention that promises to pump up your inflatable stand up paddle board twice as fast."

What's new and different about the Titan Pump
From the Red Paddle Co press release: "the pump mixes double chamber performance and a clever switching system and unique Hi-Flo handle system to achieve the new bench mark in inflatable board pump technology”. In other words, the dual chamber puts out twice the volume of air in the beginning, so you get inflated to shape (and up to around 10psi) quickly and easily. Then you simply remove a plug from one side and continue to pump (now through the single high-pressure chamber) up to your preferred maximum pressure. 

Bottom line, it's both faster AND less effort than trying to pump up any board with any single chamber pump. That includes the newer dual action (they pump out air on the up-stroke and the down-stroke) pumps as well. I've tried the dual action pumps and I find the lift action to be pretty uncomfortable for my back. The Red Paddle Titan pump is still more than 50% faster than dual action pumps. 

In addition to the dual chamber technology, Red Paddle Co’s new Titan inflatable SUP pump comes with an improved, ergonomic design that's more comfortable and less tiring. I've used it and can vouch for the fact that a wider handle and wider base make it easier to grip under pressure and more stable when you're trying to squeeze in the last few psi. 

Check out the video below to see the new Titan Pump in action.
The ability to switch from high volume to high pressure pumping, makes it even easier to squeeze in those last few psi (the key to making the your inflatable board stiff and rigid).

Titan Pump - How To from Red Paddle Co on Vimeo.

Inflatable SUP vs Traditional Fiberglass SUP
With the advancements in technology made by Red Paddle Co, and a select few other brands, inflatables are capturing a bigger part of the SUP market each year, particularly in the racing circuit. Inflatable SUPs are here to stay. Anyone who's tried strapping their 12'6" fiberglass board to their Mini rooftop for a trip to the cottage understands why. The few minutes of pumping more than compensates for the problems of transportation and storage. But as long as physical effort is required before you can start paddling, some people just won't make the move from a traditional hard board to an inflatable SUP. The new Titan pump may be a game changer for many of these folks.

The Titan dual chamber pump is included with all models in the Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddleboard lineup

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The Red Paddle Co Story

If you didn't already know, Red Paddle Co is one of the earliest makers of inflatable Paddleboards, or iSUPs as they're sometimes known. And to this day, Red Paddle Co makes ONLY inflatable SUP paddleboards. They're considered by many to be the best made inflatable boards in the world. That's not surprising, since they were for a long time the only iSUP to withstand the high-pressure 25psi.  They are also known for being the best-selling brand of inflatable paddleboard in the world.

Check out the most recent inflatable paddleboards from world-renowned Red Paddle Co. 




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