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Beach Toyz Win-A-SUP-For-The-Summer Contest Rules 2017 Posted on 15 Mar 16:16 , 0 comments

Enter to Win a Complete SUP package Rental from Beach Toyz for all of June, July and August of 2017. Here are the contest rules.

SUP Paddle Series | Choose the right SUP Paddle | Paddle Terminology Posted on 10 Jan 14:55 , 0 comments

We explain the most often used SUP Paddle Terminology. Also TIPS on choosing the right SUP paddle for your size, strength and paddling style. Why one type of SUP paddle will work better for you than another.

Inflatable SUP board buyers often disappointed by Big-Box SUP Brands Posted on 04 Jan 12:00 , 0 comments

Every week, someone will walk into our Beach Toyz store, unhappy with the performance of the inflatable SUP they bought from the big chains. Some will say the budget-big-box inflatable SUP is flimsy, slow and difficult to paddle. Others will complain that the air-pump is difficult to operate and can't reach the recommended pressure.

Cheap inflatable SUP boards are available from most Big Box stores these days. But are they really a good deal?  Flimsy boards & poor quality pumps often disappoint low end inflatable SUP buyers. Is there a better solution to price vs quality? Here are some pro's and con's of the Big Box Inflatable SUP.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Advanced Stroke Clinic Posted on 02 Jul 18:17 , 0 comments

Have you been paddling for awhile but just not sure you're getting the most from your stroke? Or perhaps you have the fundamentals but are looking to refine your stroke a bit further. Learn how to paddle faster - further - with less effort and more enjoyment. Find out why you're NOT getting a core workout on your SUP and what to change so you do.

Toronto SUP Network - How to find Stand Up Paddle-buddies Posted on 27 Jun 15:56 , 0 comments

The Toronto SUP Network is a peer based group to connect SUP-ers of all ages and skill levels in the GTA. Find a 'paddle-buddy' with the same skills or schedule. Or find new and interesting places to paddle. Get tips on improving technique from the pro's (coming soon). Sell or swap SUP gear. It's an 'open' group. Just go to and join. 

Bike Rental Toronto Beaches - with Beach Toyz Posted on 09 Jun 18:30 , 0 comments

Bike Rental Toronto Style

Beach Toyz rents great hybrid bikes right in the heart of the Toronto Beaches. Comfy, modern and affordable bike rentals. And you're right at the edge of one of the most popular bike trails in Toronto. 

Ashbridges Bay Beach Volleyball Nets - FAQ's Posted on 27 Apr 22:39 , 1 comment

Ashbridges Bay Beach Volleyball FAQ's answered by Beach Toyz.

SUP Toronto | Lowest Price Guarantee on Paddleboards Posted on 25 Apr 23:43 , 0 comments

Beach Toyz is known for it's high quality SUP gear and low prices. In fact, Beach Toyz has had a 'lowest price guarantee' on almost all of our in stock paddlboard products since we opened for business.

Beach Toyz reviews Water Mats | Floating Mats | Lily Pads Posted on 27 Mar 23:35 , 3 comments

Floating Mats, sometimes called Water Mats, have been the most sought-after Beach, Cottage and Pool toy for years. You can use them to lounge, as an exercise or play surface for the kids, or as a floating dock. They're great because unlike inflatables, they can't sink, even if they're punctured. While there are some differences between brands, each of these products work on the same principle. They use a marine grade polyethylene 'closed-cell' foam that is durable, has high buoyancy, and won't absorb water.

We compare the Aqua Lily Pad, Floater Mat, and Runway - floating water mats. 

Toronto Beaches Bike Repair Clinic Posted on 26 Feb 16:57 , 0 comments

Bike Maintenance and Repair Clinic for absolute beginners - Toronto Beaches
This is a casual, fun, and completely 'hands-on' clinic to help you work on your own bike. A few simple maintenance tips and your bike will be your best friend again.